100+ High PR Article Submission Sites List In 2023

Article Submission is another process for quality backlinks for a targeted article or root domain with an anchor tag. Here I will provide you a list of  High PR Best Article Submission Sites List for generating strong backlinks and organic visitors. As a newbie, you can use the link for your recently published site also. Article backlinks are totally safe and reputed for hire ranking.

When a guest port is so much costly for a new starter. Then article submission can play a role like an alternative as much as possible.

A good article submission site can give you ranking, traffic, and increase links juice at the same time. Article Submission Sites can give you backlinks in two ways instantly and approval way.

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Article Submission Sites List

What Is Article Submission Sites

If you make a list with the top 10 best link-building checklists. Then article submission can take a place within one to five after guest posting I hope.

Article submission is a process where you can submit your article in a relevant category with do-follow links. The main part of article submission is a good source for generating backlinks from an anchor tag.

There are two types of article submission lists. One type received an index article instantly and another is waiting for approval.

All article sites have some rules to submit articles and FAQs. You first read them for confirmation and generate an article to submit.

Most of the time article submission sites carry multi niches for user help. Using ar article submit a site you can submit your article for getting backlinks for your root domain or targeted post based on category.

Most ofter an article site takes seven days to index the links and release it online. If you follow the rules of the site and publish a unique article then it will index very fast.

How To Submit Article In Article Submission Sites List

There are many article submission sites online. All of them have some separate conditions. If you try to submit multiple articles on multiple sites. First, you have to read their term and service.

After that, you should ready an article that you want to submit to the site with links. Here you remember one thing, you obviously need to write at least 300 words article. If the site needs more length then you go with their requirement.

Tips To Approve Your Article Fast:

  • Try to submit a long article (At Least 300 Words).
  • Insert normal link not only your targeted link.
  • Insert a relevant image.
  • Maintain on-page SEO.
  • Give a unique article.
  • Follow their requirements.

Top 10 Most Popular Article Submission Sites List

Good quality article submission sites always give importance for promote users’ content.

Thus you can generate quality links and organic traffic from their wall. Even search engines can give priority as a result the post is also ranked on the different search engines.

You just try to create an account and submit your post on the sites.

  1. Sites.google.com
  2. Tumblr.com
  3. Quora.com
  4. Github.com
  5. Ezinearticles.com
  6. iSnare.com
  7. Myarticle.com
  8. Articlebiz.com
  9. Goarticles.info
  10. Storify.com

They are the top 10 article submission sites list you can use for your article promotion. Here below I will provide you more active links for contextual links.

High PR Article Submission Sites List

Now let’s see the best quality do-follow high pr article submission sites list. You just use them for your online money-making site and project ranking.

  • howcube.com
  • blog.giganticlist.com/
  • articles.h1ad.com/
  • articlesss.com/
  • articlepole.com/
  • articlesubmited.com/
  • blogs.findermaster.com
  • article.advertiseera.com
  • story.wallclassifieds.com/
  • article.classifiedsfactor.com/
  • bloggersroad.com
  • seekingalpha.com
  • hubpages.com
  • ehow.com
  • biggerpockets.com
  • brighthub.com
  • seekingalpha.com
  • hubpages.com
  • ehow.com
  • 9biggerpockets.com
  • brighthub.com
  • buzzle.com
  • examiner.com
  • squidoo.com
  • apsense.com
  • selfgrowth.com
  • Thefreelibrary.com
  • Sooperarticles.com
  • Articlesfactory.com
  • Abilogic.com
  • articlespromoter.com/
  • articleseen.com/
  • warticles.com/

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List

If you are bored, to waiting for the approval. Then you can use the instant article submission list for instant submit and approval. Now I’m sharing with you the list of instant article submission list.

1. hubpages.com
2. seekingalpha.com
3. buzzle.com
4. biggerpockets.com
5. brighthub.com
6. ehow.com
7. examiner.com
8. squidoo.com
9. apsense.com
10. selfgrowth.com
11. Thefreelibrary.com
12. Sooperarticles.com
13. Articlesfactory.com
14. Abilogic.com
15. articlespromoter.com/
16. articleseen.com/
17. warticles.com/
18. articlesss.com/
19. articlepole.com/
20. articlesubmited.com/
21. webpronews.com
22. sharehealthtips.com/
23. idleexperts.com
24. jumparticles.com/
25. articlecatalog.com/
26. articlealley.com
27. articlesbd.com/
28. evancarmichael.com
29. articleside.com/
30. a1articles.com/
31. articledoctor.com/
32. selfgrowth.com/
33. prolinkdirectory.com
34. articlecity.com/
35. netezinearticles.com/
36. articles.abilogic.com/
37. articlesforwebsite.com/
38. libervis.com/
39. galoor.com/
40. webmasterslibrary.com/
41. articleslist.net/
42. article1.co.uk/
43. ourblogpost.com/
44. articlecede.com/
45. openarticles.com/
46. articleswrap.com/
47. learnnpublish.com/
48. srmarticles.com/
49. hubpots.com/
50. adarticles.net/
51. magportal.com/
52. easy-articles.com/
53. allthewebsites.org/
54. articlecube.com/
55. 123articleonline.com/
56. articleavenue.com/
57. simplysearch4it.com/
58. howtoadvice.com/
59. pr4-articles.com/
60. feedsfloor.com
61. letsbefamous.com/
62. articleuploads.com/
63. articlemedia.co.uk/
64. freearticleposting.com/
65. dime-co.com/
66. articlegeek.com/
67. streetarticles.com/
68. marketmyarticle.com
69. ezinepost.com/
70. articlization.com
71. uberarticles.com/
72. otherarticles.com/
73. awebcity.com/
74. upublish.info/
75. articlesnatch.com
76. threadwatch.org/
77. articlebliss.com/
78. realestateproarticles.com/
79. articlicious.com/
80. threadwatch.org
81. Highrankdirectory.com
82. earticlesonline.com
83. facearticle.com/
84. Amazines.com
85. myseoarticle.com/
86. guestsposting.com/
87. webwire.com
88. ezinemark.com/
89. loudpages.com/

All of the links I have shared here are active and high pr. You can obviously use them for instant approval with quality links. These are unique and top-quality sites.

If you use them for making backlinks for your web blog you will be able for ranking your post very fast. Even sometimes the sites can give you some quality traffic by ranking the submitted post as well.