5+ Android Apps For Bloggers To Be More Productive

Sometimes makes easy something like android apps. Let’s check out Essential Android Apps For Bloggers To Be More Productive.

Blogging is an integral part of many people’s freelance careers. Bloggers need to spend a lot of time looking for relevant and informative content, develop their own articles on various topics, and promote their blogs on all sorts of social media channels to get maximum traffic.

Without the right set of tools, this can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The right Android apps can significantly speed up the blogging process which saves a lot of time that then can be spent working on other tasks in the office or just relaxing at home.

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Android Apps For Bloggers

Best Blogging Apps For Android

There are a lot of blogging apps for Android, but not all of them have the features that make a good blogging app. Let’s go through some of the best ones in order to find out what makes them tick.

Some apps are centered around creating and editing blog posts, while others are centered on monetizing and publishing content. There’s also an app for bloggers who want to do both at once – creating content as well as publishing it.


With the increasing popularity of Android, in 2017 Android OS running on 85% of devices worldwide, WordPress is also developing an Android app for bloggers.

The WordPress app for Android will have a lighter codebase which will be updated more frequently with new features and regular security fixes. The current version of the iOS app is about 10MB in size with an option to share articles via email, and it is not clear when the Android version will launch.

The WordPress mobile app was originally released in August 2014 and has over 1 million downloads on iOS.


With the blogger Android app, you can use your phone to write blog posts, access your saved drafts, and publish posts from your phone.

The blogger Android app is a great way to not only save time but also find new ways to share your content. It’s easy to use and connect with other bloggers.


Grammarly is a popular grammar checker, which helps people to correct their mistakes in written mails, documents, and posts. It can be used on the desktop or as an Android app.

Grammarly has introduced an Android app in 2014. With it, you can write and edit your text while on the go or before publishing your post on Blogger or WordPress blog.


Tumblr is a social media website that was created and launched in 2007. It serves as a microblogging site. Users are able to post multimedia and other content to their own “Tumblr” blogs, as well as follow other users’ blogs that they find interesting.

It is possible to download the app on your Android device so that you get all of the features of Tumblr right on your phone. There are a couple of different ways to download it: via Google Play Store, or by going directly to Tumblr’s website and downloading the app from there.


Writer is a new open-source app for bloggers, which is available on Google Play Store for free. It enables the user to write drafts during offline periods and then publish them when a connection becomes available.

The writer makes blogging easy and pleasant by enabling you to work on your draft offline. With this writer android app, you can make changes to content, manage drafts and publish posts anytime, anywhere while avoiding data charges or an unstable mobile connection.

If you are looking for an Android app that can help you be more productive with blogging, Writer is the right choice.

These are the most popular Android Apps For Bloggers that are really helpful for blogging online. If you have more then let us know via comment. We will try to include them in our list.