10+ Productivity Tips For Bloggers To Get More Things Done

Bloggers are in the business of creating content and sharing their thoughts. However, they need to be able to create quality content on a consistent basis.

The importance of productivity tips for bloggers is that they help bloggers achieve their blogging goals. They also help them avoid wasting time on tasks that aren’t related to what they should be doing.

Productivity tips for bloggers include making sure that you are writing high-quality blog posts, scheduling your blog posts and using social media marketing tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Google analytics.

10+ Productivity Tips For Bloggers

1. Analyze How You Spend Your Time Currently

The first step to becoming more productive is to understand how you currently spend your time.

Take the next week to jot down what you do in a day and analyze that.

Where are you spending the most time? Where do you end up wasting time? Are you doing more than you should? Are you prioritizing the right things?

Find the culprit in your unproductivity and fix things from there.

2. Ask A Third-Person Opinion

One of the best ways to save time is to ask for help.

Especially when it comes to proofreading or editing, chances are you’ve read your post so much you will no longer be able to spot a mistake.

So, ask a friend to proofread your final copy!

3. Bite The Frog – Do The Hardest Things First

I’m a firm believer in this. Get the hardest thing out of the way and your day will go easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

The fact is, we procrastinate when a task is difficult.

If you’re an introvert, for example, you might dread making a confrontational call. But the more you put it off, the more your other tasks are affected. So best to suck it up, do the dreaded deed and move on with the rest of your day!

4. Bookmark Important Pages

Bookmark important pages for later! I can’t say this enough, cos I’ve witnessed people going to the search box for the 10th time the same day and going through all the motions every time.

Just bookmark pages you frequent and cut through the clutter!

A super useful tool I use is One Tab – a Google Chrome extension that saves all your opened tabs in one click.

What I do is open frequently used pages, like tinyPNGCanva, and wordhippo, save them on One Tab and lock the group so I can open them up in one click every time. Try it!

5. Break Down Your Time

One of the best ways to be productive is to break down your day into specific activities and then block the time accordingly. One of the top productivity tips for bloggers is being aware of how you use your time.

What am I talking about? Simply put, break down your tasks.

For example, in a day I might do the following: read email, edit articles, coach new writers, feed the cat, tell the cat to get off my chair, eat lunch, eat dinner, attempt an online dance battle with my siblings, shower, and cycle.

Now I have to do a proper time blocking for each of these activities and stick to the time!

Sounds easy but when we’re so used to doing random things at random times, it might need a bit more practice. But I know you can do it!

6. Celebrate Big And Small Wins

While we all have big goals we’re working towards, it’s important to remember to celebrate the small wins too.

So you want to make $50K a month from your blogs, all well and good.

But before you get there, remember to celebrate an extra $500 that wasn’t there the previous month, an increase in web traffic, new affiliate programs, and anything else before reaching the big goal!

7. Check Emails Once A Day

Remember how we set checking emails in a time blocking? That’s exactly what we need to do!

Set aside one specific period to check emails in a day and ONLY check emails during this time. (I check my emails after midday)

This is an easy action to ignore as we’ve been programmed for instantaneous communications, but unless you’re saving lives, the email can wait.

8. Close Unrelated Browsers

Who has seen that meme that goes something like:  ‘my mind is like a browser, I  have 100 tabs open, and I don’t know where the music is coming from? *sorry if I butchered it*

Well, that is what happens to our brains when we open 57 tabs for god knows what reason. Just keep the ones that you’re currently using and close everything else to avoid actual and mental clutter!

9. Create An Outline For Your Article

This is so basic it’s definitely at the top tips for productivity for bloggers! Strangely, I came to find out not all bloggers do this.

Creating an outline will save you from writer’s block and help create a solid foundation for when you start writing the article. What I do is create a structure of your article first, and then I move on to the introduction and the conclusion.

I do my outlines in batches and when I want to write, I have my structure all lined up for me!

10. Create Templates

This is one of the best productivity tips for bloggers.

Have you noticed a pattern or style when you write certain types of articles or emails? There’s your template!

For email marketing, for example, you can save a tonne of time by creating templates and then just plugging in relevant information every time you need to send them out.

Even for blogs, you can create templates for different types of posts like review posts, testimonial posts, or informational posts.

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Final Words

I recognize that being a productive blogger isn’t easy, and again, I’ve been there myself. But keep your eyes on the prize, and it will become easier.

And it’s also perfectly understandable that you might not be able to practice all the productivity tips for bloggers that I’ve given. Some people are night owls and simply can’t rise early, for example. So, pick what would work for you.

Importantly, if you get overwhelmed, making relaxation a habit and giving yourself time to unwind will help you cope with stress.

Did you spot any tips that you will be practising right away?

What other things do you do to become productive? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!