5+ Best WordPress Theme & Plugin Detectors In (2023)

There are many WordPress theme and plugin detectors already available, but not all of them work as well as they should.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best WordPress theme and plugin detectors. We have also included a list of the top-rated plugins and themes that you can use on your website.

Have you ever found a WordPress site’s design so attractive that you’d want it for your own site? There are tons of great WordPress themes out there to use as inspiration. Thankfully, if you’re ever curious about which theme a WordPress site is running, one of these WordPress theme detectors can help you out.

Perhaps you happen to be a WordPress enthusiast who’s seeking to discover new stuff about your favorite CMS. Alternatively, maybe you simply want to prove to yourself or somebody else that you were able to correctly guess what WordPress theme a particular website was built with.

Whatever your reasons are, the truth is that you can easily find out the details of a website design through awesome WordPress theme detectors – even if you don’t know any code.

So, today, we’re presenting to you six tools that allow you to look under the hood of a WordPress site and see the themes and plugins that sit underneath. Most of these WP theme detectors are online tools that you can use right from your browser of choice.

The Best 5 WordPress Theme Detectors in Detail

Now, let’s get to know the candidates from the table better. We’ll talk about each of them in detail and see what they come with. What’s cool is that a lot of these theme detectors go beyond just WordPress themes and provide some other neat information.

What Theme

WordPress theme detectors: What Theme

What Theme is a great online tool that not only detects a WordPress site’s theme, but also shows useful details about the theme such as its main URL, the author, what version and license it has, tags related to its purpose, and a description? Apart from WordPress, you can also use it for Drupal, Shopify, and many others.

What’s interesting about this tool is that it recognizes custom and child themes immediately and delivers you the author/agency that built them. You can also use What Theme if you want to find out whether a site uses WordPress or not. It’s arguably one of the most thorough WordPress theme detectors available.

WordPress Theme Detector

best wordpress theme detector by satori

Second on our list of the best WP theme detectors is Satori Studio’s WordPress Theme Detector, which is a simple platform that comes with a neat and minimalistic layout.

The tool gets straight to business right on its homepage. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a URL field plus a button labeled What WordPress Theme is That.

This is where you’ll enter the website domain you’re curious about, before hitting the button to run the WordPress theme analysis. You’ll then have the results in about two to five seconds, and they’ll be displayed on the adjacent right-hand panel. It’s that simple and straightforward.

As for the resulting report, the WordPress Theme Detector has been built by Satori Studio to provide the most basic details about each theme. You’ll learn not only the name of the site’s WordPress theme, but also its author, version, and link to its official distribution homepage.

But, that’s not all. To provide even more clarity, this WordPress theme detector includes a brief description of each theme.

So far, the tool has maintained 100% accuracy in our tests on WordPress websites. We noticed that it’s even capable of pulling information from sites with heavily minimized code. The only test subject that might give you a little bit of trouble here is a website riding on an extensively customized theme.

What WordPress Theme Is That

What WordPress Theme Is That

This is a similar online tool made to detect what WordPress theme a certain site is using. Just go to the tool’s page and enter the URL of the site that you want to check in the search bar.

What WordPress Theme Is That will not only detect the main theme, but also the parent (if any). It also goes beyond themes and presents you with a list of plugins that are being used by that given site. Unlike WhatTheme, this is just for WordPress, so it won’t detect themes built for other platforms.

WP Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector demo

WPTD is a very cool theme detector, not only because it has a friendly interface, but also because of the way it presents the detected theme. The tool is based entirely online, so you need to just enter the URL of the site you’re interested in. To display the theme it found, WP Theme Detector provides nice slide-out sections that deliver helpful details about the author.

What info does this tool deliver exactly? The theme’s description, tag, license, a great box of statistics about the provider, additional information about the site you searched for, and a list of plugins that the tool was able to detect on the site. As an added bonus, the tool also detects child themes.



ScanWP is another web-based tool built to detect the theme and plugins that a WordPress site is using. Apart from the theme’s name, URL, and author, it provides additional information such as price, description, hosting provider, screenshot, and a list of plugins that are active on the site.

A particularly cool thing about ScanWP is that it showcases more examples of other websites that use the detected theme. It also offers SEO and traffic statistics about the website you’re checking, via SEMrush integration.

WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

WordPress Themes and Plugin Detector browser extension

Last but not least, we have a WordPress theme detector that gets the job done while you surf the web.

WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector, as it’s called, operates a little bit differently from the other five WordPress theme detectors on our list. You see, while the rest are essentially web-based theme detectors, WTPD is a browser extension that detects both themes and plugins.

The browsers we’re talking about here are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Each has its own installable version of WTPD, which binds to the extensions bar to provide page insights in real-time.

You don’t even need to tweak any settings after installation. WTPD activates itself automatically when you open a WordPress-based site. You’ll see its icon light up and when you click on it, it’ll display a pop-up that will show you the name and version of the WordPress theme, the development team behind it, as well as the WordPress plugins powering the live page.