Best FAQ WordPress Plugins For Free In 2023

FAQ means frequently asked questions is very efficient for user experience in search results. FAQ WordPress Plugins can help you to boost your ranking and increase more visitors by making trustworthy content. These plugins can help you to add Frequently Asked Questions of visitors in your WordPress blog’s content.

Gradually the search engine updates their search system based on user interest. Using an m0bile device and artificial intelligence like google ai people now search their queries on google. Depending on users’ search interests search engines give priority to the FAQs section.

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FAQ WordPress Plugins

Benefits of FAQ Plugins

When it comes to SEO then FAQ is a matter of fact nowadays, you know. Google Search work for visitors, which we know about is from their algorithm updates. So when people want to know about a specific matter or service they use google search and voice. The google search work based on the command of google Search Engine or Webmaster Bot. The search engine calls the query from the index based on Title, Slug, Keywords, Description, and Pattern.

After a while whey notices their search result on the screen. It’s a very similar and usual process for us. On the contrary, users wanna find the types of answers they need to know like “What Is SEO”. According to google this result mostly works based on the FAQ system. This is the point if you use the FAQ plugin and try to add some questions with their proper answers. Then you can gather some good quality visitors and search engines like it mostly.

Hope you are clear bout your doubt about why you use FAQ in your WordPress site. Now we just move into the main topic of our post.

Best FAQ WordPress Plugins

1. Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs are very simple and convenient WordPress Faq plugins for users. It’s a product of a hero theme online. This plugin is built with an easy process for its users’ good experiences. It’s a pro-level plugin with well decorated and designed.

There is no coding knowledge required for this plugin to make an FAQ table in your content are. It’s has a drag and drop option to work nicely as a beginner. If you just insert Faq with this plugin it’s pretty simple for you.

Some faq plugins react like a developer mode. It’s forced to convert your post to coding level but Heroic FAQ is not similar to this type. It’s a visual plugin for inserting any kind of type into the post.

For adding any kind of design of FAQ using Heroic you just create a post or page. While you edit your post or write an article. Just click on the icon from the top which was created while Heroic was installed. Then just choose option and design. After that, you just edit the FAQ in your post body as you want.


  • Customize Colour & Style
  • CSS Type
  • Custom Post Type for FAQs


  • Price: Free

2. Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ is a Question and Answer according to plugins in WordPress. It allows you to create an unlimited faq based on category and custom design.

You can create and display the FAQs option different types of styles on any page, WooCommerce Site Product, or your homepage sidebar.

This is a free plugin but has a premium option for creating more creative designs. With by $30 pro option you can able to create an FAQ, Drag and drop ordering, and other options.


  • Unlimited FAQs option.
  • Create unlimited tags and faqs categories.
  • Gutenberg block option.
  • Responsive according layout.
  • Group FAQ Option.
  • Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ layout.


  • Price: Free or $34.47

3. Arconix FAQ

If you are tired to find an easy FAQ plugin then Arconix is the best one. Using this one you can create and nice FAQ list with animation, jquery toggle, and according to box also. The FAQ’s display group items after creating and inputting the information.


  • Custom Post Type
  • jQuery toggle and according display.
  • Shortcode section enable.
  • FAQ groups by using the group section.


  • Price: Free

4. FAQPlus

FAQ plus is a premium super WordPress FAQ plugin. You can create and FAQs using this plugin with unlimited colors. Developers include the JQuery effect with the build-in process. Custom CSS and font are awesomely enabled. A shortcode system is also built-in this plugin. You can use this plugin in a page builder called visual composer.


  • Create Multiple FAQ creation
  • Unlimited colors Included
  • jQuery Easing Effect Enable
  • Font Awesome Integrated
  • Custom CSS Function
  • Support Images & Videos Also
  • Shortcode System Integrated
  • Responsive Layout
  • Place Anywhere with Shortcode(Post, Page, Theme)
  • Extra Drag and drop System
  • Page Builder Supported(Visual Composer Support)


  • Price: $25

5. Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ is a very easy pro-type FAQ plugin for WordPress. It’s a paid accordion plugin in Themeforest for WordPress users. The most advantage of this plugin is the full-featured mod. It has lots of features as well.

As a pro plguin you can use its pro features also. The plugin allow you to create and FAQ with following advantage given below.


  • Create With Drag & Drop FAQ(Post and Categories)
  • Create Multiple FAQ Pages At The Same Time
  • Awesome Accordion Style FAQ
  • Also, Include List Style FAQ
  • Enhanced Block Accordion Style
  • Customize Styling Color
  • Different Type OF iCons, border radius, and font sizes.
  • Using Shortcode For FAQ Generate
  • Easy to Setup


  • Price: $17

These are the most popular and useable according to FAQ WordPress Plugins for users who create their posts outstanding. Hope you now create what is FAQs plugins, How To Use, and Which One Is Best for use.

If you using and FAQ plugins from our list. Obeouley let us know which one you use for your WordPress blog and its advanced features in the comment section.

Wanna ask something more about this topic then feel free to ask our team about your query. We always try to solve your issue and it’s our duty!