10+ Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins For Users

When it comes to good customer service and increasing your product selling matter then WordPress Live Chat Plugins is an amazing feature of your site. It is the best way to online where you consumer can get original information by chatting your stuff. They can rely on your products and services by using this process. Even you can generate your targeted visitors and customer lead by using the required field.

WordPress Live Chat is a massive system, especially for eCommerce, Product Promotional Website, and Services companies. As an affiliate marketer, you can use this system for your visitors’ connection and boost your affiliate sale by offering promotions. Even lead means customer email and phone number collection is an outstanding chance for you as a marketer for email marketing sales.

In this technology vast era, people make their communication system so pretty and short. They always find an easier system to know anything. Consequently, they dislike calling sometimes instead of living chat online. So, If you find it necessary to install a live chat plugin after receiving my discussion, then don’t be late.

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WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Why Should Install WordPress Live Chat Option

Now we talk about some advantages of WordPress Live Chat Plugins. After completing some steps you will be clear why you need to install the WordPress live chat option on your site. As a business owner or service provider, you always try to find a tricky way to give your customers good service and generate maximum profit by selling online.

In this field, the live chat system can help you to achieve your target and sales. When you provide live information to your customer they have some idea of your loyalty and professionalism. Also, you get some unique benefits I provide below, while you use the live communication option on your site.

  • On-time Problem Solving
  • Multilingual Option
  • Products Quality Matter
  • Delivery System Problem
  • Trust & Doubt

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

1. WP Live Chat Support

Wp Live Chat Support is a free and easy live chat plugin for WordPress users. There are two million users have installed this plugin for chatting with their users online.

It is one of the reliable and effective live chaat plugins for WordPress. Your website visitors can directly communicate in real-time with this plugin.

You can also include voice and videos on this system if you have your own cloud account for hosted 3SX WordPress Plugins.


  • It’s free no hidden charge.
  • Unlimited Users.
  • Chaat With Website Visitors.
  • Transfer To Others Agent.
  • Customizable Chat Box.
  • You can record the full chat for the archive.
  • Create offline messages.
  • Desktop Notifications.
  • Best For eCommerce Websites.
  • Best For Customer Websites.
  • Custom avatar system.
  • Chat as a guest option.
  • Company Logo.
  • Full report downloadable.

2. ThriveDesk

Thrive Desk is an awesome intelligent plugin for WordPress. There are so many features included in this plugin for the best user response. This plugins setup is very simple as like other WordPress plugins.

After installing you just set up your plugins normally which option you want to act or not. Then it’s a one-click option from your entire site as a visitor. After clicking on the icon of this plugin then chats will be started by putting the user’s info.


  • Shared Inbox(All Convention In One Place)
  • Track Everything(Reporting)
  • Live Chat(Convert Visitor Into Customers)
  • WooCommerce(Integration)
  • Community System
  • Knowledge Base
  • Instant Answer Enabled

3. Tawk.To Live Chat

This is another good quality live chat plugin for WordPress. There are 4 million users who use this plugin for satisfied their customers by live support. You can use it for free or paid subscription also available online. This plugin is pretty simple to use. After installing it in your dashboard you just set up it from the setting option for the next level.


  • Attractive Looking and Appealing Design.
  • Expand & Colleps option available.
  • Attention for Bubbles Available.
  • Easy To Modify.
  • File and screenshot option active.

4. Tidio Live Chat

This is the most feature-able live chat plugin I really like best. It has an individual dashboard for data storage and you can use it for files, images, data everything is a transferable system on it.

Sometimes you need to show some demo of your customer is not an available picture on your own website. Then you need to show the original file but it’s not possible in the maximum plugins but it has the function.

Even you can integrate your e-commerce and business service site with this chat plugin using the API key. When you use its free version then you have some limitations for using full features. But in the pro plan, you will be able to use all of the functions of the plugins in the same place.


  • Mobile and Desktop(Both Screen Viable).
  • Email Fusion Enabled.
  • Multilingual & Translation Ready.
  • File Transfer Option.
  • Email marketing integration like MailChimp, SalesForce.
  • Individual dashboard with good function.

5. JivoChat Live Chat

JivoChat is an official live chat plugin for use. If you are looking for an effective and best live chat plugin for your WordPress site then JiboChat can be that. It has a real-time chat option for active users. Even users can log in using their social media account with it for chatting with the staff.

All other features are active in these plugins to be a pro. It is a lightweight and super fast lives chat plugin that is really essential for a good response.


  • Fast & Easy to use.
  • Auto translator integrated system.
  • Instant calling system for users.
  • Plugin with API key features.
  • Unlimited users can chat at the same time.
  • Multiple screens in the dashboard.
  • Online live chat and instant message.
  • Download conversion.
  • Responsive and small device supported.

6. Crisp Live Chat

Crisp Live Chat is one of the most beautiful chats you can get for your website. You can opt for it if you want to chat with customers in real time and enhance your business.

This plugin includes a free live chat widget, instant notifications, and desktop & mobile apps. All of these features are beginner-friendly and well-guided. Further, you can even access Crisp Inbox if you need more resources or support on marketing & sales.

The free plan of Crisp is great for enriched conversations and conversion rates. But, if you want more advanced functionality, you can upgrade to its paid plans.

Key Features of Crisp Live Chat: 

  • Live Typing Preview
  • Flexible with Adding Plugins
  • Enhanced User Profiles
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger
  • Real-Time Notification with an Automated Chatbot

7. Tawk.To Live Chat

Tawk.To Live Chat is one of the most widely used WordPress live chat plugins. It’s 100% free yet devoid of spam, ads, or any other disturbances.

The plugin mainly helps to monitor your website visitors in real time. Afterward, you can analyze the details to obtain valuable insights and connect with your audience. This way, you build a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface on your site.

Additionally, the plugin is compatible with all modern browsers. Hence, it can cover every need of your business related to instant response & network building.

Key Features of Tawk.To Live Chat: 

  • Over 200K+ Active Installation
  • 24×7 Live Support
  • Over 27 Different Languages
  • Detailed Documentation with Videos & Tutorials
  • Easy Customization of Widget Design

8. 3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat also falls on the best free WordPress live chat plugins. The plugin is reliable, effective, and offers a simpler interface for both admin & visitors.

A major feature of 3CX Live Chat is its chat servers. This enables users to send and receive live chats at the speed of lightning. Also, 3CX has integrations that access major advanced features like video, audio, and other business-level features.

Moreover, the plugin supports storing live chat records, which you can use for business analysis later. Likewise, you can chat with multiple customers simultaneously using it.

Key Features of 3CX Live Chat: 

  • Allows Surveys & Polls to the Chat Box
  • Proper Tally of Feedback Submission
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Animations to the Chat Box
  • Compatible with Various Plugins, Google Analytics, etc.\

9. JivoChat Live Chat

JivoChat Live Chat is the all-in-one-free business live chat plugin for WordPress. It comes with optimized features that let you have unlimited chat with your customers.

Moreover, the plugin supports chatting via live chat, phone, email, and social media. Along with this, it allows free widget customization & configuration. You can use this to reflect your communication style & strategy and deliver efficient customer support.

Similarly, it can connect all the communication channels and manage them using a single app. Also, it features omnichannel live chat explicitly tailored for eCommerce.

Key Features of JivoChat Live Chat: 

  • Powerful Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Smart Triggers with Visitor Monitoring
  • Efficient Smart Team Chat Feature
  • Geo-IP Based Behaviors
  • CRM Integrations, API & Webhooks

10. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is an easy-to-use CRMemail marketing, live chatform & analytic plugin. Thus, it’s a powerful package solution to connect, manage and track your customers.

What’s great about it is you can manage your entire contact database and group contacts. Even in its free plan, HubSpot allows you to use up to 1 million contacts together with the built-in list builder.

Besides all the remarkable qualities, it helps to measure your business growth as well. Its built-in analytics dashboard reviews site performance and presents data-driven reports.

Key Features of HubSpot CRM: 

  • Flexible Customization of Form, Pop-ups
  • 20+ Pre-designed Email Templates
  • Email Newsletter & Marketing Automation
  • Seamless 400 Native Integration
  • Supports Ticket System, A/B testing, etc.

These are the best quality WordPress Live Chat Plugins I use ever. All of the plugins are tested and experienced by our technical team. If you need any further information then let us know via the comment section. All of the plugins are ready to increase your sales and traffic I must say.